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A “Whole City App” is a single city-branded app that connects citizens to all of the services, resources and information that the city has to offer. Whether it is 311 issue reporting, city news, event calendars, business directory, paying bills or finding parks and facilities, a “whole” city app will house it all in one user-friendly app branded to your city.

The most valuable real estate in the world today is the real estate on the screen of our mobile device. Those few inches of space are being fought for daily. Expecting citizens to download multiple apps to access services at a city is not prudent. A “Whole City App” becomes an engaging tool that puts city hall in your citizen’s pockets.

Features & Benefits

Engage Citizens

Put your city in the palm of your citizen’s hands and engage on a more meaningful level. Give app users the ability to report issues, request services, and provide feedback and insight on important decisions.

100% Customizable

Freedom for endless creativity and complete branding. Easily change designs in real time. Find out how flexible the app really is.

Third Party Integration

Already working with a third-party solution? Not a problem. Integration with most third-party solutions is available. See which solutions we have worked with and what the integration requirements are.

311 / CRM

Connect with residents, reduce operating costs and make staff more efficient. Our intuitive platform allows staff to efficiently manage assignments, information, and internal communication to improve services at their desk or in the field.

People & Information

From City Council to Departments and Programs. Provide information to your app users, update and change information in real-time.

Parks & Recreation

Put all of your parks and recreational facilities in the app, including hours, amenities, photos, and turn-by-turn GPS-enabled directions.


Deliver up-to-the-minute news by linking live feeds from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, as well as RSS feeds from your website.


Provide app users access to important dates and events. Manually add events or use an RSS feed to synchronize your city calendar. App users are able to save events directly to their mobile’s native calendar.

Push Notifications

Send free ‘instant’ messages to your citizens, alerting them of news, events, road work and more. Utilize the geo-fencing tool for GPS location-based messaging.


Facilitate decision-making through crowd-sourcing. Give citizens the ability to voice their opinions on important matters.


Add custom maps and routes using GIS. Add trash pick-up routes, maps of libraries and other facilities, or maps for city events.

Custom Forms

City-specific forms can be designed and added onto your app. Click here to see samples of custom forms done for other apps.

Code Enforcement

Automate and streamline the process of opening cases, scheduling inspections, sending letters, recording violations and documenting resolutions.  Staff will be able to access all data in the field with our MyStaff App.

Business Directory

Promote local economy. Add a directory for dining, shopping, and local businesses. Each establishment has the ability to enter deals and promos.


Using third party services for specific city functions like Job Search and Bus Routes? Add responsive webpages to your app. App users can view and access mobile responsive webpages in the app.

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