What To Expect

Implementation of your mobile app is much easier than you might think. A large percentage of the information we will use in your whole city app will be pulled or fed from your existing website, which means that most of the heavy lifting is done for you.

Yes, there is designing the look and feel of the app, and of course feedback from staff and council on tweaks they would like to see, but since our platform is dynamic, all changes are made in real-time, expediting the quality assurance time.

On average, it is 45 days from the kickoff meeting to the go-live date where the app is available for download in the app stores. Integration to outside products (like a work order system) have historically taken between 5 and 10 days, and most often are done in parallel with development of the app, so no time is lost.


Client research begins with understanding our client’s brand and needs, along with using our expertise to make sure your organization maximizes the platform’s capabilities.


We will work to define your specific project requirements and integrations. This includes branding, functionality, existing systems and processes as well as key deliverables and timelines.

We provide what we call a “First Look” app at kickoff with best practices in place. From our experience it is a much smoother process when you have visuals to work with. You can start providing feedback and seeing the changes made from the meeting moving forward.


It’s time to get building! Our team will integrate all of your needs into our application. Any customized work can be completed at this time. We create a staging space that allows your team to test out all functionality of the application and collaboratively work with our team to ensure everything is meeting your expectations.

Quality Assurance

Once the application is ready for use, we work with your team to create a BETA test group that will be able to try out the platform with your unique configuration in place. We also work with your marketing, city works and technical departments to fully train all key team members on the functionality of the platform.

Go Live

Now it’s time for your audience to get involved! Our team will ensure a smooth and effective launch in sync with your marketing and audience communication programs. We will monitor every step of the push to live and continue to do so after launch to ensure a fantastic roll-out.

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