Daytona Beach Shores Mobile App:

Exceeding Expectations

Daytona Beach Shores: Life is Better Here

Daytona Beach Shores is a pleasant and welcoming community of 4,300 residents. With more than 40% of its residents in the age bracket of 65‐84 years1, the resort and retirement community focuses on providing the best services to its residents. Staying true to their city motto, “Life is better here,” Daytona Beach Shores’ mission is to find the most efficient and community‐friendly ways to engage and service its residents and visitors.

In early 2015, Daytona Beach Shores launched a mobile app but the app has only been downloaded from the app stores and installed on Android mobile phones between 100‐500 times2 since the launch. With the low rate of installs and app usage, Daytona Beach Shores has moved forward in search of a more engaging city app that would provide more mobile services and mirror the beauty of its city.


Tech Mission

Daytona Beach Shores is looking to create a city app that would allow residents and visitors to easily access city information from their mobile devices. Information like city history, government, departments, news, events, locations, visitor‐centered information, employment posting as well as access to make payments for home utility bills are some of the features the city is looking to incorporate within the new app. The city is hoping to build an appealing app that would be intuitive for users and easy for city staff to manage.

Synergy at Work

From a pool of several mobile development companies offering their services to Daytona Beach Shores, the city has awarded MyCivic Apps (powered by Civic) to design and build their new mobile app. MyCivic Apps share Daytona Beach Shores’ vision of producing a custom‐designed mobile app that would capture the interest of its residents and visitors and encourage them to continue to utilize the mobile app.

MyCivic Apps has worked with a number of cities in North America, providing custom city apps, overnight parking apps, and 3‐1‐1 systems. The knowledge, experience, and expertise of the MyCivic Apps team are assets that would ensure the fast turn‐around of the project.

Throughout the project, MyCivic Apps has worked closely with Daytona Beach Shores to guarantee that the project keeps moving forward in the right direction at a sensible pace. With the dynamic synergy between the staff of Daytona Beach Shores and MyCivic Apps, the mobile app was designed, developed, and ready to launch within 16 days from the approval of the project proposal – a remarkable difference from the estimated turnaround of 60 days.

Moving Forward

After launching the new city app on October 1, 2016, MyCivic Apps will continue to work with Daytona Beach Shores in making the mobile app practical and effective to improve the experience of residents and visitors of the city. With a higher portion of senior citizens as residents, the app aims to make city services as easily accessible as possible.

2. Google Play Store published number of installs as of September 27, 2016 as between 100-500. iTunes does not provide number of installs.

About MyCivic Apps

MyCivic Apps has dedicated years in designing and developing apps for cities within North America and beyond. The development company is focused on creating engaging and useful mobile apps while making processes more efficient for city staff. Some of the products MyCivic Apps takes pride in to have developed for cities and organizations are 3-1-1 Systems, Staff Productivity Apps, Union Apps, Business Directory, and Overnight Parking Apps.